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What your outfit says about you

Updated: May 5, 2022

Did you know that a wardrobe goes a long way to create an impression of your personality to others? People can guess your type of employment, ambitions, and even your emotions through your dress code. Style is even used as a social and economic way of identifying people.

Our outfits are nonverbal signals defining our personality and our social life. They show people the amount of money, influence, and power we yield both individually and in person. This is why costume designers have a very important role to play in preparing an individual for a films and television.

It is often said that “clothes make the person” because a good outfit not only gives a positive impression of a person, it also builds confidence and ability. This article is written as a guide to making a good impression with your outfit.

Tips for selecting an outfit

When it comes to selecting your outfit, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. They include:

#1. Color of the Outfit

Instead of picking an outfit that seems nice, why try considering colors that will create a good impression. Here, consider getting an outfit that matches your complexion. Because color helps to harness the power of fashion, it is best advised to think through your color palette, especially where there are lots of options.

#2. Fitting

This has to do with the shape of your clothing. You also need to consider your body shape here so you don't select a smaller fitting or an outfit that will not make you look good. An outfit with a great fit will boost your confidence and make you comfortable.

As much as you can, avoid buying outfits with the hope that they will fit you someday because they may not. Always be honest with yourself and return clothes that do not fit.

#3. Your Style of Dressing

As you avoid clothes that do not fit, you should also avoid clothes that do not fit into your style. While it may not be the best option to remain rigid with fashion, you should always have a consistent style. Depending on the day and occasion, always be ready to blend different fashion styles.

Avoid selecting outfits either because it is trendy or you saw a celebrity wear them when you know such a style won't suit you. From your shoes to other accessories, always give a great impression on your style.

Different Outfits and What They Might Suggest

#1. Loose and Tight Outfits

Some people prefer to wear loose clothes that are comfortable and breathable while others prefer wearing just the opposite. People who wear tight clothes might be thoughtful, focused or conservative. Loose clothes might signify that you are flexible and open minded, ready to explore changes from different perspectives of society.

#2. Suits

People that suit are often considered to be formal, sophisticated, and complex in real life. Unless you are going to the office, it is not advisable to wear a suit every day. However, people consider wearing suits a show of confidence, especially those that pay attention to details when they wear a suit.

#3. Casual Outfit

People who wear casuals might be easy-going and approachable This is a very comfortable item of clothing and safe for running different errands and hanging out with friends. This set of people are free thinkers and do not worry about what others think of them.

#4. Trendy outfits

Trendy outfits constantly evolve and change with the time, and those who wear them have the habit of staying up-to-date on the latest fashion and reinventing their wardrobe as the seasons change. While this style is not economically advisable for anyone that wants to save, it is favorable to those who are bold enough to experiment with new trend.

#5. High-End Outfits

People who wear high-end outfits are often aware of their social status and how to maintain it. They prefer pricey outfits with huge tags and seek validation from others through their outfits. This set of persons is sometimes obsessed with competing with people who have higher social status than they have.

Factors to Consider When You Want to Pick an Outfit

#1. The Occasion

Decide which occasion you want to attend before picking an outfit. You will not want to be caught with a jean, crop top, and sneakers for a wedding (unless the wedding party has requested it!). However, while there may be an urge to buy something new whenever there is an occasion, your outfit should be one that can be used for more occasions.

Instead of buying an entirely new article each time you have to attend an occasion, ask yourself if your wardrobe can be versatile. Always have a simple wardrobe instead of a trendy one so that your outfit can still be trendy.

#2. Discount available

You are probably thinking this factor will encourage you to go for outfits with huge discounts. This is the opposite. Except for outfits mandatory to your wardrobe, avoid buying clothes just because of the discount available.

It is always best to go for clothes that you feel comfortable in than those you may never feel encouraged to wear.

#3. Consider the brand

The beautiful thing about buying from brands is that some of these companies have spent time through the years creating a reputation and building trust with their clients. So, whether it is a high-end brand or a mid-range brand, your outfit should be one that can last well and you are comfortable with.

We know that with our brand, you'll always feel ready to build a versatile, beautiful and stylish look that you're excited to wear.


Having said all this, we cannot deny the fact that our outfit has a huge role to play in what other people think about us. While it is not proper to judge a book by its cover, we cannot deny the fact that a good first impression is key. Therefore, It is best to go for outfits that best suit your personality.

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